Slots & E-tables FAQ

How to play.

The most common question asked for new slot players is "How do we play". Hopefully these questions help. Each and every slot machine is different so always check the "help" option for basics of the machine.

+Where do I put my coins in?

Slot machines no longer take coins. They accept bills of all denominations, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. When you are finished playing that machine press the "cashout" button. The machine will print an IVS ticket out and those tickets may be transferred from machine to machine or can be cashed out with the cashiers.

+Where do I collect my money?

You can redeem your slot tickets with our cash cage cashiers.

+What denomination of machines do you have?

At Chances we have 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, and $1.00 slot machines.

+What are pay lines, and how many should I play?

Pay lines are where you win your money! In simple terms, if matching symbols are aligned on any pay line, you win the amount specified by the pay table. The number of pay lines varies from 1, to as much as 100 plus. With multiple pay line slot games, you can also win more than once over all the pay lines.

However, on multiple pay line slots, you have a choice on how many pay lines you want to play on. Playing on the maximum number of pay lines will cost you more, but will increase your chance of winning.

+How much does each spin cost me?

Well that depends on the denomination of the machine. Easiest way to calculate is how many lines you choose to play times and the denomination of the machine. ie. You choose to play 20 lines on a 0.02 machine 20×0.02=0.40 a spin.

+What symbols do I need for a winning line? And what do I need for the bonus round?

Every machine is different. Some offer 1 to 100 lines. Check the help button or payout button will show you the different pay lines and symbols needed for bonus rounds.

+Are the results on the slot reels random?

Yes. All the results on slots are random as the machines operate on the Random Number Generator which is constantly checked to make sure the games are totally random and honest.

+Do some symbols come out more often than others?

Yes. Different symbols are more likely to come out on reels that the others that is to make sure the prizes are fair. This is the way the odds are calculated.

+What is the best system for beating slots?

There is no perfect system for beating slots. Playing slots is a game based on luck only. Therefore, you will not be able to find anything special that will help you win at slots. Overall, the longer you play, the more you’ll lose. What you need to do is look at playing slots as entertainment and fun, with a chance of a reward. Don’t ever expect to win or you may walk away disappointed.

+Where can I find the payout percentage for a machine?

Some slot machines have the payout percentage on them, others will have it hidden away in the "Help" or the "Payout" option.

+Do slot machines have "hot" and "cold" cycles?

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Every spin of a slot machine is random, and follows no set pattern at all. If a machine seems to be paying out more or less at some times that is because you’ve got luck on your side with the random numbers being generated. This is no guarantee that any machine will continue running hot or cold for any amount of time.

+Can you make your odds better by stopping your spin at the right time?

Even though this is somewhat true with the generation of random numbers, the chances of being able to get this just right are billions against you. As we’ve said, the slot machines generate 100’s of random numbers every second, and for you to get that one micro-second where they all line up right is a very long shot, and close to impossible, it’s impossible for the human brain to act on that impulse because reaction time between when your brain tells you to hit the button, and you muscles actually move your finger to hit the button are in fractions of seconds, and by that time, 100 or more numbers have flown past. So it doesn’t benefit you to stop your spin.

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