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Fun is being full of bright lights

Located kitty-corner to the Landmark District, Chances Casino Kelowna is the sparkle to the suits. Chances Casino Kelowna is 42,000 square feet of FUN! The latest slot machine themes, live table games, and a full-service restaurant makes us a well-rounded entertainment establishment.

Stan Walt’s vision began with Bingo back in… the year doesn’t matter – his story begins with bingo, we’ll just put it that way. Having created one of the most state-of-the-art bingo facilities in Canada, some even say, North America, his vision did not stop there.

In 2004 there was a desire to increase gaming options to bingo halls & thus the decision to add slot gaming came to be. Formally, Bingo Kelowna became Chances Kelowna, offering Bingo, Slots, Off-track horse betting, as well as the addition of Food & Beverage, making it a diverse entertainment house.

A venue of growth that now has over 340 slot machines making up the entire gaming floor, the new addition of Table Games to our facility, three food & beverage outlets including the successful Longshots Lounge, and over 150 employees to keep the place smiling. The innovation doesn’t stop there. The casino industry is ever-changing, you can expect more advanced technology in all sectors of gaming and for Chances to grow with the industry.

If you ask, Stan, what the experience should be when you visit Chances his response would be, “a visit to Chances should start by walking into the property and feeling like it reaches out and gives you a warm hug”.  The vision and intent of the experience has always been to provide patrons a safe space for fun, to enjoy with friends or on their own, in a relaxing environment.

The hope for Chances is that it remains the peoples place. To have our patrons feel a part of the community we’ve built & our employees feel part of the family.

The thing that has kept me most excited about this business are the people I meet, our customers, and that continues to be a source of great enjoyment in coming to work each day – it was pleasurable 30 years ago and still is today.   
- Stan Walt